Startup decks : tips on how to write and pitch

I’ve been investing in startups across the globe for the last 10 years and seen a lot of pitch decks that vary significantly in quality.

Particularly when you come from a ‘non-traditional background’ or are an entrepreneur in an emerging market it’s a source of differentiation to have a high quality deck for investors.

Here are a few of my favourite resources for entrepreneurs which are a mix of practical advice and inspiration:

Sequoia Capital Deck Template:

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What investors actually spend time looking at in decks:

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Startup pitch deck examples from successful companies (for inspiration):

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Long list of startup pitch decks:

Startup Pitch Decks - Airtable Universe
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During your actual pitch I always like to learn about the ‘why’ of the founding story (authenticity and energy help a lot), and it also helps to be on top of all the important metrics and growth rates.

This tends to separate the good from the great founders during the fundraising process.