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Musha Ventures was founded by Aadil Mamujee in 2011 and we focus on early stage investments in technology companies globally (50% in Africa). The name 'Musha' was inspired by Aadil's parents' names (Musti and Shakila) and also means ‘home’ in Zimbabwe.

Aadil was born and raised in Mombasa, Kenya and spent the last 15 years working in technology across Europe, USA and Africa.

He was most recently VP of Product at Segovia Technology, a fintech company focused on mobile money payments in Africa. Previously he was VP of Product Management at Pocket Gems, a mobile entertainment company, where he was one of the founding employees (4th) and first product manager. He helped grow the company profitably to 200+ people and 200M+ users. Pocket Gems is funded by Sequoia Capital and Tencent. Prior to Pocket Gems Aadil worked at Google in data science focused on monetisation of search.

Aadil is an experienced early stage investor. He worked on the early stage investment team at Index Ventures before investing through Musha Ventures.

Aadil has a Masters of Engineering from Queens' College, Cambridge University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.